Buyers Information on houses for sale on Curacao

Sotheby's International Realty will assist you to make your transaction go smoothly:

First step:

A preliminary Sale /Purchase Agreement with the owner of the property should be signed, which contains the basic terms and conditions applicable for the sale/purchase of the property. The Seller is committed to sell the property to you after signing this agreement!

Next step:

A security deposit of 10 percent of the Sale / Purchase agreement will be required in most cases.

Pay or deposit the Security Deposit amount at the Notary of your choice, we can assist you if needed.

The Notary may typically require the following documentation to process the sale/purchase agreements:

Copy of a valid identification card of the buyer

Fill out information of sale form and personal data form

Copy of the security deposit made

Notary process may take maximum 3 -5 weeks, the charges vary depending on complexity of the transaction.

You will be contacted by the notary or your broker for an appointment to sign the deed and make final payments prior to the appointment date.

It is recommended that your financing is in place by the time that the official Deeds of Sale/Purchase and Transfer of Property are signed at the notary office.

Lease Land

Other than property land you can purchase a home which is built on lease land. Lease land is owned by the Island of Curacao and has been given a 60 year lease. For these lease rights you pay a yearly fee. Many non-residents have bought lease land or homes situated on lease land.


The yearly property tax is 0.4% - 0.6%

Closing Cost

When buying a home, the following cost will be incurred by the Buyer. These closing costs are approximately 5% of the selling price. The closing costs are calculated as follows:

Transfer tax

(one time tax), four percent of the selling price, depending on the value.

Notary fees

Notary fees for the transfer deed are approximately 1% of the selling price.

Notary fees

Notary fees for the mortgage deed (if applicable) are approximately 1% of the selling price. If you have any further questions regarding buying a home, than please do not hesitate to call Sotheby's International Realty office for free advice.